Calling all Anime “artists”

A popular cultural phenomenon anime has swept the world. It has made its way from ripping off little kids with trading cards to proposing itself as an art form.  As stated by Ringling University: “Anime will ruin your portfolio, there are enough people doing it overseas you don’t have to bring it here.”

The sign of a real artist in essence is his/her ability to take their skill and apply it to various art forms. But those who are restricted to one form of illustration are not truly artists. Some cartoonist for example are unable to tear away from their form of  drawing and can never make a series piece. If one can’t tear away from one form of illustration then sadly they are not true artists, but like a programmed robot without the reflection of emotion in their work which is what makes art truly connect to the soul.

Anime is not only a simple minded way of drawing, it is an unskillful practice that might amuse an untalented middle school girl but can’t phase a real artist. Anime can be made by computer which proves another great example of it being far from an art. Perhaps greater respect would be given to anime “artists” if they had a talent. But the truth is an actual artist can copy the work of an anime “artist” but NOT vice versa.

I have to admit that I once fell for anime… Then I turned 11 and realized that it is a simple minded cultural fad. Like the Jonas Brothers or road kill we may look at anime for a second with interest then drive on with a chill of disgust. I will admit that anime has its place. In cartoons, plastic cards and cheap Japanese souvenirs. But one thing is for certain Anime can not and will not be put in the same category(art) as DaVinci, Michelangelo and Picasso. So the next time you look into the shiny eyes of an over exaggerated anime cat think of its “presence” as an art form.antianime

Need more proof?

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Julie. Address. Ringling College. Out of Door Academy, Sarasota. 23 Oct. 2008


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